Google Has Major Algorithm Changes Planned

Google Algorithm By: NH Marketing Solutions

Google has announced new upcoming changes to its current algorithm as per a very interesting article from Webpro News.  Google is usually very vague about their updates and changes and this announcement is no different.  The vagueness persists.  However, Google did provide a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to website SEO and SOCIAL MEDIA(!); while Matt Cutts, the dominant figure in SEO at Google, gave a great discussion.

In a nutshell, content will be more important than SEO.  This is in an effort to help the small mom and pop companies compete with the larger companies who can afford to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on SEO.  If the smaller mom and pop companies are providing great content but disregarding SEO measures, this new update could give them a boost.  It is also expected to negatively impact those sites which focus on nothing but SEO (less than quality content) and those sites which employ borderline black-hat SEO tactics.

Google is also putting more weight on social media presence!  Get ready for a big change!

The list of SEO do’s and don’ts which were provided are very interesting.  I highlighted the ones I found most compelling.


1. Be unique and different, stand out from your competitors.

2. Include relevant words in your articles.  Always use your business name, address, location and products or services you sell.  Use variations of words searchers might use to find you.  For example if you are trying to rank on the words real estate agent in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, also use the word REALTOR.  Use numerous variations.

3. Use meta tags and create a smart site architecture.  Include Rich Snippets markup from where appropriate.  Make sure your website navigation is intelligently designed and have useful internal links.

4. Sign up for email forwarding in Webmaster Tools so that we can contact you if something goes wrong with your site.

5. Get on Google Plus and make a buzz by attracting +1′s.

6. Stay up to date and create a social media presence as well as mobile device optimization.


1. Having no value proposition.  The value preposition is a very clear goal in the search terms you need to have people find your business online.

2. Don’t put all of your SEO efforts into one small segment of your business especially if you are doing a launch on a new project.  Make sure your SEO efforts benefit the whole rather than just a portion.

3. Don’t try complicated hacks to your SEO.  KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!).  Research best practices and you will likely find an easy workaround to obtain your goal.

4. Don’t get caught up in SEO trends.  It might backfire down the road when Google deems it “blackhat”.  Instead focus on what drives customers, not Google.

5. Don’t make your site so complex that it becomes slow and bogged down.  Again, remember KISS.

 If you’ll notice, I highlighted a few things in the DO section.

1. Including rich snippets from which is a markup system that all major search engines agree on, but it is not widely used.  I don’t use it.  But I plan to now!  This markup should be used in moderation, not for every single page.

2. Sign up for email forwarding in Webmaster Tools.  I think we can translate this as:  Sign up for webmaster tools.  All of my sites have been signed up, submitted and Google Sitemaps created.

3. Get on Google Plus and GET THOSE 1+’s.  Stop avoiding it, do it now.  Right now.  After you create an account, add us to your circles and we will add you back on ALL of our networks.  Add NH Marketing Solutions on Google + to your circles.

4. Work on your social media integration.  It’s official.  If you are not using the major social media platforms, you could see a decline in your rankings on the next Google update.  Get on it and get with it!  Give us a call, we can help!