Facebook Pages Now Have Geotagging

Facebook admins are now able to geotag their posts by selecting the “where” tag in their new posts.  The new layer of tagging for Facebook pages was just released.  The same layer

When It Rains, It Pours!

Being busy is a good thing.  For the past two weeks I have been swamped with work.  Another good thing.  It seems as though all of my current clients have needed extensive

Simplify Your Email – Opt Out Of Facebook Notifications

I get way too much email.  And I have several email accounts.  Most of the email isn’t important, it’s frivolous, such as Facebook notification emails.  The problem is, when you get burdened by

New Client – CytexOne

Welcome to CytexOne, our latest client.  In operation for a number of years, CytexOne provides a number of cloud based service for business and individuals, as well as server solutions and IT

Internet Scams [Infographic]

Backgroundcheck.org recently created this new infographic to help detect and avoid seventeen of the most common internet scams.  The number of people who have been duped by these scams is staggering.  Even

Friday Tip – Hold Off On Your WordPress and Joomla Upgrades

In the past few days you may have noticed a panel in your WordPress admin panel stating “WordPress 3.4 is available:  Please update now”.  I like to hang back on these updates